Why Ancient Trees? – Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a non-profit organization with a unique and ambitious mission: Reforest the world with genetics gathered from the planet’s most iconic and ancient trees as a way to restore the natural filter system to our water and our air.

They called on Rivet Entertainment to tell this epic and visual story. The project began as a video archive of what they believed in, but became something more. As the story unfolded, we became entrenched with their team as they located and collected genetic material from the largest living things on Earth.

Currently, six stories, broken down into web-friendly segments, are streaming on the Archangel website. But the story is even bigger than that. The editors and directors at Rivet compiled the story into a documentary short, which is competing at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Ancient trees hold a secret in their genetic code. Archangel is capturing those genetics before they blink off the face of the earth.

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