Rivet Entertainment is a television, video, and commercial production company producing high-quality programming, TV commercials, web videos, documentary videos and more. We take projects from idea to script, script to production, production to edited video, edited video to interactive DVD or Blu-ray, web video, and small or big-screen presentation.

With experience producing film & video in 39 states and 6 countries, and with production offices in Michigan (Traverse City) and Los Angeles, we work all over the country. We have produced videos for corporations, brands, advertisers, and have produced hours of TV for Discovery Channel and Science Channel.

  • Organizational and Corporate Video Production
  • Documentary Video Production
  • Web Videos
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Television Show Production
  • Short Films
  • Raw Footage & News Production
  • DVD & Blu-ray Authoring & Duplication
  • Videography and Crew Booking Service
  • Film Production Services

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