Television Show Reel

Rivet Entertainment, at its core, is a professional television and video production company. Rivet has produced a number of hours of television programming for Discovery Channel and Science Channel. This sample reel features a few of the shows we produced.

Our experience ranges from producing over 2,000 national television commercials, specials for Discovery Channel and Science Channel, corporate web videos, and 3D animation production for feature films and television. We bring all that experience and professionalism to each of our productions, no matter how large or small.


  1. We are the builders of the first speedboat submarine and are about to pursue (and set) few world records with the Hyper-Sub. But there are many back stories and we do believe the Hyper-Sub will eventually be in the Smithsonian. It is the only design that changes mankind’s access to the sub-sea environment. We are curious as to whether someone like The Discovery Channel would be interested in our story.

  2. We have been told that Discovery is looking for the next car show. Check out Empire Garage. The fastest growing, busiest, best hot rod and custom car shop in the business. Empire Garage has two locations. Victoria, TX and the new Austin, TX location.
    Empire has a wide variety of personnel in crews and some very interesting dynamics. The best of all are the cars and stories with them. There is no other shop like Empire Garage

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  3. Hello, my name is Casey Holliman. I am reaching out to you because I am eager for the opportunity to be a Host for Discovery Channel OR any other channel you do production for. I am currently working for CBS Television as a Host and Commercial Talent. I have always had the ability to be very personable and comfortable in front of the camera and am now wanting to further my career with different production opportunities. Like possibly coming to work for you as a host! I have also always loved Discovery Channel, HGTV, and many more. I am respectful, reliable, fun and energetic.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Casey Holliman

  4. Im not pitching anything. Just wanted to make a suggestion. How about toning down the background music on your shows. Its so loud you cant hear the dialog. I know your trying to make it more dramatic but its ridiculous. I actually have stopped watching because of it. Also I dont know if your company produces for other channels but this seems to be a trend, travel channel, etc.

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