The Science of Lance Armstrong

NOTE: Someone posted a poor copy of the show on YouTube. Shown here.

When The Science Channel and Discovery Channel needed to create a Watch with the World television event, they tapped the team at Rivet Entertainment. The Science of Lance Armstrong unearths, with insight and exactitude, just what it takes to become a seven time Tour de France winner.

From Lance Armstrong’s introduction to the sport, to his near death from cancer, to his miraculous rise from the ashes, Rivet Entertainment is proud to have had the opportunity to bring this astonishing story to life. The Tour de France is arguably the most difficult challenge in the history of sport. Athletes ride for over 2,000 miles over 3 weeks at near breakneck speed, taxing the body and resolve to their limits.

During production, hopes at The Science Channel were so high for The Science of Lance Armstrong, that it ended up serving as cornerstone for Discovery Channel’s “Lance Week.” And the finished product did not disappoint. The show is a highly regarded in depth look into everything that makes Lance tick—from the physiological testing and training he’s undergone, to the technology that helped him gain those extra seconds.

Although the show was in development at The Science Channel for many months, the final go ahead to start production came in late March leaving a meager three months to complete the task. On June 27, more than 120 hours of footage later, The Science of Lance Armstrong premiered in 160 countries after being translated into 35 languages.

Steve Burns, VP & Executive in Charge of Production, and Charlie Parsons, Executive Producer at The Science Channel, were Rivet’s main collaborators on the show, and they did an amazing job of ensuring cooperation between the many entities involved.



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