Producer Bill Latka • Degree for Men

When production company Science & Fiction needed Bear Grylls to leap from a sixty foot cliff onto a helicopter, take a homemade raft down class five whitewater, and sky surf out of a helicopter, they called Rivet’s Bill Latka to line produce and AD this package of Degree for Men TV commercials and branded web content for their clients, Mindshare and Unilever. Bill helped to assemble the team of about 100 people and then supervised the production, arranged the logistics, managed the budget, and, well, produced all the video for a series called Chain of Adventure on this YouTube site.

The project was prepped out of multiple California locations, New York, and even Traverse City Michigan. The team, assembled from around the world (Sydney, London, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas) converged on location in Fayetteville, WV on the Gauley River to shoot Bear Grylls, NHL legend Mark Messier, and the stunt sequences. Yes, Bear actually performed all the stunts, but the production and stunt team worked closely together for weeks to ensure they were done safely. The sports celebrities, Kevin Durant, Tony Hawk, and Mark Sanchez, were shot in Oklahoma City, New York City, and New Jersey, respectively.

Science & Fiction, and their executive producer, Kevin Townsend, do amazing work. Thanks for the opportunity to help.

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