Final Hour

FINAL HOUR is an eight-part television series that bridges the gap between science and action surrounding the most critical issues of our time.  Set as hybrid of drama and non-fiction storytelling entirely based on scientific fact, FINAL HOUR addresses core issues of climate change, poverty and fears of peak oil.

Rather than merely present these issues, this 8-part series calls on some of the world’s greatest minds to uncover groundbreaking solutions for sustainability and potential means to save the planet.  The series is produced by Paul Lussier Company and Rivet Entertainment for Discovery Channel.

To our team of experts, the FINAL HOUR team posed the simple question: What is the plan to save the planet?  When we learned that there was no plan to save the planet, we got busy assembling a panel including the world’s leading minds, including Gustave Speth, James Hansen, Robert Socolow, Stephen Pacala, John Holdren, Paul Hawken, and Robert Watson. We set out to uncover solutions to the world’s most pressing issues through an 18-month long symposium involving over 150 experts across all areas of discipline (political, corporate, scientific, humanistic) including experts in sustainability (including Interface’s Ray Anderson), architecture, climatology and more.

Suffice to say we learned a lot. We spoke with the scientists who are doing the work. We learned about tipping points, and the fragile state of our environment. We witnessed, first hand, the effects of climate change around the globe; from Nairobi to Malawi, from the arctic to Mexico. Working on this project changed all our lives.

The story of FINAL HOUR spans from current day to forty years in the future, as the key characters become leaders in the battle against climate change. Woven into this drama are interviews with the world’s leading scientists, business and world leaders, as well as graphic scientific data.  This non-fiction aspect elevates the drama, illuminates the real science, and presents global solutions to saving the planet in an engaging and compelling way.

This event provides an opportunity to combine the visionary thinking of world leaders with the resources of the Discovery Channel to catalyze to action an aggregate audience of 1.4 billion people around the world.

Paul Lussier is Creator, Writer and Executive Producer; and Bill Latka is Co-executive Producer and Producer.  Produced for Discovery Channel by Paul Lussier Company and Rivet Entertainment.

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