Barix Clinics TV Commercial • Haith

Bill Latka directed this documentary-style TV commercial for Chatham Communications and their client, Barix Clinics. Haith is an actual patient that turned her life around 13 years ago when she chose to have bariatric surgery. The spot tells the story of how the surgery helped to make her life “amazing.”

Latka worked with the agency/client to focus on the reasons people make the decision to have this surgery, as most people often wait for years before deciding. This actual patient was chosen because of how it helped her and let her become successful – so the challenge was to convey her story in a believable, natural, and persuasive way. At the shoot, he focused on Haith’s transformation, and how her experiences could encourage potential clients to get up off the couch and make the call for their new lives.

The post production on the spot was all done at Rivet Entertainment, including graphics, editorial, audio mix. Bryan Papierski did a beautiful job with the cinematography (shot on Red Epic) and color-correction. Chatham Communications, Ypsilanti, MI was the agency, Deb Hart, producer. Barix Clinics is a specialty hospital located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.


  1. Rebecca Selley

    My mother loved Haith’s J. hair and she wanted to know where her shop was located. Could you please send me some information.
    Thank you

  2. I love Haiths hair, where is her shop located I live in Detroit Michigan.

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