American Pain Treatment TV Commercial

When a new specialty pain hospital in southeast Michigan was ready to advertise, their advertising agency called on Bill Latka of Rivet Entertainment to help launch their brand.

The spot features a documentary-style interview with an actual patient. Ray was hit by a semi going 65mph, which left him in debilitating pain for 13 years. Only after he started treatment at the new clinic did he get any relief. The story of his incredible transformation was told through his love of a simple hobby – he is able to do the woodworking he loves so much thanks to American Pain Treatment.

Latka worked with the agency to develop the message of the spot, and to make sure a believable performance of this actual patient came through in a genuine way.

Bill Latka of Rivet Entertainment produced, directed, and edited the spot. Rivet created the graphics and did post production out of its Michigan production facility. Bryan Papierski was DP and Colorist. Deb Hart was producer from Chatham Communications, Ypsilanti, MI.

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